Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little poetry

Both of these are poems I wrote a couple of years ago, and had completely forgotten about. If it hadn't been for that browsing of my old My Space blog, I never would have remembered them at all.


You speak to me-

Your voice reaches a place

deep inside.

Somewhere so familiar

So like home,

like youth

Like someplace I've been a thousand times before.

Music late into the night

Singing me off to a childhood slumber.

Like fingers skimming along my spine.

Shivers race through me, making me ache

To find that place

Again and again.

I Can Fly

Seconds tick by, turning to minutes

and somehow

to hours

With each breath

My mind clears more

Every thought slips, unknown

Up into the sky, like a dream forgotten when you wake.

Each step, each turnover

Springing me still forward

In a journey with no real purpose

Except to feel free

In my body

And to fly as best as I can.