Friday, April 15, 2011

*M* My darling Miss Marissa

My baby girl. Such a sweet baby. Mommy's girl from the very first instant. When I look back at the first few months of her life, I get a sense of calm and quiet. I was more relaxed as a mother the second time around, and I guess she just picked up on it. Even if her big sister was always hovering nearby plotting some way to knock her over or pinch her, Marissa was
calm and sweet.
The first thing I heard out of the doctor's mouth when she was delivered, even before "it's a girl", was "Look at all that hair!". It surprised me, since Baily had been such a baldy. Everyone always commented on her hair, and to this day it's still beautiful, and her big sister is very jealous of it.

Marissa stayed quiet, even as a toddler. She was a little on the slow side with talking, even though it was obvious that she understood everything going on around her. I guess she felt like she didn't need to talk because she had a big sister to do it for her. But, she did need to learn to walk, because she had to keep up, and I was amazed when she took her first steps just a few days before she was 9 months old. After that, there was no stopping her running and climbing, and she was always very proud of herself for it. She'd give me a mischievous little glance as she'd climb right up from the ground to the top of the kitchen table.

Marissa is so much like me in so many ways. Everyone tells us how much we look alike. Ron always laughs at the way we walk and run in exactly the same goofy way.

She is sensitive like me, and a lot of things I witness as she goes to school and interacts with her friends reminds me of myself as a child. Every teacher she has ever had has praised her helpfulness, and she is kind to everyone she knows. She loves to sing, and will spend hours with a radio and a microphone.

I'm so proud of my baby girl, and I expect great things from her in this life. I love you, Marissa, with all my heart!!!!


Laura Josephsen said...

She is beautiful! She sounds like such a special girl. :)